How much will I have to pay for the bond?

Using a Bondsmen, you will only have to pay 10% of the full amount of the bond for a State Charge. Another option is paying the entire bond at the Jail with cash or cashiers check. Federal bonds are 15%.

With a Bondsman: If the bond is $5,000 your payment would be $500.

At the Jail : If the bond is $5,000 you pay $5,000.

Defendant vs. Indemnitor

An Indemnitor is the cosigner or the responsible party. The cosigner could be a friend or relative who is legally obligated to pay the entire amount of the bond if the defendant misses court and is not in custody within the 60 day period. The Defendant is the person facing criminal charges.

If a Bond is less then $1,000 how much do I have to pay?

In the State of Florida any bond under $1000 dollars the premium or cost is $100. Example; If the bond is $600 the premium would be $100.

Is the Premium for the Bond Refundable?

The 10% charge is the bondsman’s fee. The premium is NOT refunded once the case is over or discharged..

Why should I use a Bondsmen instead of paying the full amount at the Jail ?

When paying at the jail, it could take months before the case is closed and the paperwork is processed to get your refund. You may not get the full amount of the bond back. The Court is allowed to use that money for any fine or court costs which might be assessed.

How long does it take after I pay the bond for the Defendant to get out of Jail?

The process can take anywhere from 4 to 6 hours. Once the bondsman turns in all the paperwork, it will be up to the jail personnel to get it processed as soon as possible.

How will I know when the Defendant is out of jail?

The defendant will usually have access to a pay phone to call you once he/she is released. In Palm Beach County you may also call inmate records @ 561-688-4340 to see if the Defendant has been released.

What happens if I find out that there is a Warrant out for my arrest?

Notify the bondsman immediately to schedule a walk-through warrant. In order to have an active warrant lifted, the defendant must appear at the jail for a pay and go bond with the bondsman. The process takes anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. Note! For a pay and go bond the charge must be a misdemeanor. Felony charge you must go to intake for complete processing.

How long will I be responsible for the Defendant that I bonded out?

You will be responsible until the case is closed or a discharge notice is sent to the bondsman.

How long does it take to get my Collateral back?

Collateral is returned to the person that provided it, once the case is over and the surety bond is dissolved. The bondsman will check to make sure the case is discharged before notifying you to pick up the collateral. We legally have 21 days to return collateral after obtaining the discharge. If we notify cosigner to pick up collateral and he or she does not come to the office to pick it up? Collateral will remain in our custody until picked up.

If the Defendant is re-arrested will I still be responsible for the original bond?

If rearrested while out on a bond you may be subject to a bond surrender. It is a direct violation of the bail contract if arrested. If the bondsmen is not aware, you would still be responsible for the initial bond. We will most likely post a new bond for the new charges incurred.

What if the Defendant has a Cash bond?

If the court set a cash bond for the defendant, you must pay the full amount of the bond at the jail.

What is Collateral?

Collateral can be a house, a piece of land, a car title, a check for the full amount of the bond (will be put in the safe & will not be cashed unless the defendant forfeit’s the bond). If the defendant skips town, then the collateral is forfeited and you will not get it back.

What happens if the Defendant misses a court date?

You must let the bondsman know immediately. The judge will issue a warrant and the bond will be forfeited. You will be responsible for the full amount of the bond if the defendant cannot be found within 60 days.

What if the defendant is not a citizen?

If a defendant is arrested and not a citizen of the United States they may be subject to an ICE hold or Immigration hold. If held for immigration the defendant will be transported to Chrome Detention in Miami for a hearing to determine if the defendant will remain in the country or not.


“South City provided great customer service. I was able to contact them at 4am in the morning with no problem.”


“South City provided great customer service. I was able to contact them at 4am in the morning with no problem.”